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    (Original post by ckingalt)
    I think most of the posts in this thread fail to understand human motivations. It is my belief that we have a natural drive to seek struggle. It may not be as pronounced as the sex drive, but it is every bit as primal. The pursuit of food and shelter fulfilled that need for our ancestors. It still does for many in undeveloped societies. Our reality has evolved however. Development of industry and advances in agriculture have enabled us to master our environment to an extent that actual survival is seldom in jeopardy. So we seek substitutes. Sport is a simplified and abbreviated attempt to simulate struggle. Our lives assume a more prolonged and complex version. We no longer hunt for food and shelter so we work for status and privilege. What remains the same is the perpetual desire to improve our circumstances.

    Modern society is on the verge of evolving to a point where traditional work as we understand it becoming obsolete. Thinking that our species can thrive in a technological paradise that caters to our every need without any ability to distinguish ourselves amongst our peers is a fallacy. Our experience is judged relative to those around us. That is how we judge failure and success. We surpassed true poverty so we replaced it with relative poverty. Does it not stand to reason that wealth means little unless it is relative wealth? Life without that experience is as unfulfilling as life without sex.

    My theory: Just as technology such as automation, drones, and AI will do more of our work for us, technology such as VR, social media, cloud computing, live streaming, and online gaming will fuse into a new virtual universe. As humans become less relevant to the physical world they will retreat to the virtual one. We will continue to seek validation and fulfillment through recognition. Material items of the physical world will lose their value and reputations of virtual avatars will become precious. The ability to be interesting, provocative, and entertaining will will become the new must have skills. Combine today’s youtube stars, internet bloggers, and reality tv stars, then give them a virtual platform with few limitations. That will become what we aspire to.
    An excellent understanding of the problems I was talking about, and an even better vision of a possible future. I had not considered your comments about human nature, but they certainly ring true. Thank you for this brilliant reply.


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