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    Also, how do you write an effective AO3 Point?

    The files I've uploaded will help.

    Look at this past paper (http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resource...-71811-SQP.PDF).
    This is how it's marked by your teacher/an examiner (http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resource...-71811-SMS.PDF)

    The first 6 mark Q is Q3 "With reference to the article above, explain how social influence leads to social

    In this question it's provided you with information that it wants you to refer to - you're marked on AO2 because it wants you to use the information that's provided to be the influence for your answer. Any point you make must be supported by some of the provided text.

    The command word is "explain". You need to "explain" how social influence leads to social change and use the information provided to be the example you explain. The information is about homosexuality. The mark scheme suggests you can mention factors that affect minority influence, any theory that links to minority influence, minority view changes, influence of obedience, Cryptoamnesia or snowball effect.

    Mark scheme says that to get the full 6m you need to be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic in detail; be able to apply that knowledge to the scenario provided clearly and effectively and coherently display your answer with the correct terminology.
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    For a 12 mark Question (using the same paper/mark scheme as above)

    "Describe and evaluate two studies of social influence"

    My command words are describe and evaluate. So I know that I have to use AO1 (describe) and AO3 (evaluate) - 6 marks for each.
    3 marks for AO1 and 3 for AO3 in one study and the same for the second study.

    Choose two of your key studies - Milgrim, Asch, Zimbardo.

    Describe what they did in their study - the aim, method, findings.
    Evaluate - Use GRENADE/GRAVE to remind you of the points and go through them, as each evaluation is only worth 3 marks, just mention 3 points.

    Zimbardo's evaluation would be that it had major ethical issues as the situation caused distress for the 'prisoners'. Zimbardo himself was involved in the study as both a superintendent and a research and found it difficult to separate himself from the roles, and the study was cut short due to 'guards' and 'prisoners' taking on their role too seriously. This study is difficult to repeat but he did debrief participants and offer support for a while after the study had finished.
    The findings of his study can't be generalise to the whole population because we don't all live in a prisoner/guard situation.
    There was only 24 participants - can 24 people represent the entire country? no.
    Is there cultural bias? It was set in a westernised culture so can't represent collectivist societies.
    Was the cost and benefit of the methodology/ethics worth it? Did we find good evidence to support a theory?

    Again use the mark scheme to help you.

    for a 12 marker 4 AO1 and 6 AO3s points.
    for a 6 marker half of a 12 basically 2 AO1 and 3 AO3 points.

    OUTLINE FOR A 12 marker is always AO1 and A03 they may not say it but it always is, think about it you cant make 12 AO1 points. Hope i helped
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Updated: May 15, 2017
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