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    Dime's wiry Peruvian carer pushed his flame red wicker basket along the boardwalk. Segovia attracted many admiring glances from the taut-buttocked young gentlemen who thronged the wooden walkway.
    Dime enjoyed the warmth of the Pacific sunshine on his handsome face. He enjoyed a brief recollection of a trip to Big Sur before the tragic bukkake accident which rendered him a helpless cripple.
    He had taken his fiancée Brigitte, an ER nurse from St Raphael's, out on the Pacific Highway in his Stingray. They had swum in the ocean and picnicked on the warm sand. Two bottles of St Emilion had lowered Brigitte's defenses and Dime had enjoyed her lithe body before they fell asleep on the big tartan rug.
    Suddenly Segovia stiffened forcing Dime out of his pleasant reverie. Two California Highway cops were walking purposefully toward them, their heavy leather boots banging against the sandy wooden boards. However the mobile law enforcers ignored the top forensicologist and his helper and slipped into a small agave grove. Grunts of pleasure soon emerged from their al fresco love nest, and a few minutes later they re-emerged, adjusting their tight uniform trousers.
    Just then Fuchs and Dime's niece Morgan appeared from the ice-cream concession stand.
    Morgan was slurping a slush puppy which had rendered her lips and tongue a delicate shade of blue.
    Fuchs was spooning a Ben & Jerry's Aloha Macadamia into her glistening oral cavity. She leant over the wicker basket and inserted the spoon into Dime's mouth. The delicious ice cream mixed with his lover's saliva produced a powerful erotic thrill in the foremost forensic expert. Fuchs was like totally aware of this and discreetly fondled him inside his wicker container.
    Segovia and Morgan pretended not to notice this activity; the youngster concentrated on licking out the dregs of her slush puppy with her alarmingly colored tongue, whilst the Latin American played a popular mariachi tune on his pan pipes.
    Before things could reach their natural conclusion Fuchs' pager went off. She read the message with growing alarm.
    "It is the First Cat. Wookie has been located in Redondo Beach by the county LEOs."
    DIme interrupted his lover; "Is Wookie safe ?"
    "Wookie appears uninjured but is attached to a drone hovering over the beach"
    "The White House have received another message from the catnapper. If they do not transfer $12 million to a Bermudan account in the next half hour Wookie's drone will be crashed into the sea."
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