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Significance of Deputy Head Boy-ship

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Other meanings for dag include:

An Australasian slang term referring to a likably goofy or unsophisticated person

Looks like it's australian rather than american. Almost the same meaning as dork.
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to be honest, and im not demeaning your role in any way well done on being elected, but id say its a waste of valuable character space
Wow at some of the people in this thread, of COURSE its relevant. Its a pretty great extra-curricular thing, you'd be stupid not to mention it. Its exactly the kind of thing a PS is for.
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I would mention it (and am going to).

Anyway, what about this nerd thing? I hate to refer to my own situation again because I don't like to point out that I am Dutch, but here in the Netherlands we have only one word for both meanings; geek and nerd. And that word is nerd. So. If I were to go to Cambridge I'd be a nerd. :smile: