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    Hi there! I'm not sure if this is in the right thread but let me know if I need to move it elsewhere.

    This year, I'm studying the Cambridge IGCSE Latin course and my exams begin in late May. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on how to revise - in particular, for the literature paper.

    I seem to be relatively okay with the unseen texts (my vocab needs a bit of TLC but I can handle that) but I'm struggling with the Aeneid Book XII at the moment. I totally get the story and Virgil's use of metaphors and personification, etc, but the actual translations just leave me feeling hopeless.

    I'm interested in how you guys revised and if you have any tips. At the moment, I've been trying to write out the text and my teacher gives me a weekly test in translating specific lines, but even then I'm struggling due to the sheer diversity of vocabulary and the alien nature of many of Virgil's analogies.

    Much appreciated, everyone!

    Hi there,Just wondering how your latin exam went? Do you have any tips, as I'm studying the aneid too!

    (Original post by becky_kelso)
    Hi there,Just wondering how your latin exam went? Do you have any tips, as I'm studying the aneid too!
    Tips on learning the translation
    - write out the latin with the translation underneath it in a different colour - this will take a while but it is all you really need notes wise
    - learn it in little chunks, try 5 lines a day and you will pick it up fairly easily
    - voice record yourself saying the translation slowly and clearly and try and say it out loud while looking at the translation and pointing to each latin word as you say the english
    - make sure you know the story because that will make learning the translation easier if you know what should be happening next

    Things to look out for
    - make sure you know which latin words correspond to the english - you have to quote in the exam so you need to know which bits mean what
    - practice the 8 and 10 markers as they are the hardest parts of the paper - your teacher has probably gone through them loads with you so I don't want to go into it but you should understand that there is a real method to answering them
    - In preparation for the 8 and 10 markers think of sample questions but rather than answering them fully draw a mindmap of all the points you could make about them
    - learn the annotations - I cannot stress this enough - only 5 marks is given for translation, the rest is analysis of the text so LEARN IT
    - you are really pushed for time in the exam so practice under timed conditions

    If you know the translation and annotations inside and out you're guaranteeing yourself a a very good grade no matter what happens on the day.
    It is possible to get 100% on this paper.
    Good luck xx

    thank you very much! this is a great help!
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