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    Hi guys I just wanted to ask for some help understanding this situation.There's this guy in one of my classes (I'm in sixth form) who sits diagonally across from me. We sit in a C shaped formation so the class can see each others faces.
    I started to notice that recently he's staring at me or at my direction at several points of the lesson, with his mouth open. Its a bit awkward since whenever I turn to face (which I try to avoid) he doesn't turn away and continues staring even when our eyes meet so I look away in a second. I don't think he's one of those creepy guys(which I unfortunately attract quite often, god knows why) and he's more of the always-late-don't care immature guys.
    I'm good friends with the guys who sit around me and whenever someone cracks a joke I'm the one thats cracking up with a not very attractive laughing face. You know, the type which crunches up your face and makes them wrinkly. I have a feeling its mostly that its mostly these moments when I catch him in the corner of my eye straight on staring with his mouth open, like he's gawking at me.
    There aren't any other girls around me and whenever I look at him we lock eyes so I'm pretty sure its not me being self conscious.
    I just want to clarify that I am most definitely not pretty and I've never talked to him so I seriously doubt he likes me. I don't find him attractive at all and its becoming annoying.
    So I'm wondering why he stares? Is it just a daydreaming thing? How do I subtly tell him to look the other way in this case as I do not want to sound concited going up to him and telling him to not stare at me, which would be a bit awkward.Thanks

    Does it really matter why he stares? Some people just stare for no reason, he might have a reason but who cares. if it's bothering you just ask him to stop staring, simple as that and straight forward.


    Give him the look

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