Edexcel Business Studies- Controlled Assessment; Revenue

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Hi, wanted some ideas on what to write about this set question:

Which is the most appropriate method to increase revenue for the business you
have chosen?
You could:
• choose a small business
• investigate what is meant by revenue
• conduct primary research to identify at least 2-3 different methods the business uses
to increase revenue and how effective these methods are
• present useful information/data to support the points you are making
• analyse the different methods the business uses
• using your analysis, arrive at a supported judgement that states the most appropriate
method the business uses to increase revenue.

I was going to talk about the Marketing Mix, so how my business- a restaurant- makes revenue from the areas of Price, Product, Promotion, Place. I also was going to add how they have the competitive advantage over other businesses in the surrounding area within each factor. I was also thinking of talking about customer satisfaction- to ensure repeat purchases, and also the idea of diversification. However, could I please have any more ideas? Thanks!

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