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i would like feedback and advice on my speech and maybe a grade watch

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    please don't get offended as it is meant to be controversial. thanks!
    Abortionis defined as:” the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of afoetus that is incapable of surviving.” In the United Kingdom, around 200,000 abortionsare performed each year. However, if only the debate over the abortion issuewas that simple as the definition provided above. Much like every aspect ofhuman life, a statement is neither right nor wrong, but simply left open forinterpretation. There is no black and white in life, only grey areas. Someissues tend to provide you more grey areas than others. Abortion is a primeexample of that.Whatcomes to your mind when you hear the word abortion? Disgust? Disapproval? Orcomplete detestation? It wouldn’t surprise me if your opinion was all three.Now many people deter or avoid the subject of abortion, as even the word initself can cause great controversy. A normal response that I encounteredmyself, was when I was discussing my subject choice for today at home with mymother when she gave an anxious sigh - indicating a sense of disapproval. Youmay have reacted the same way which is completely understandable.Isay understandable due to the fact that for a numerous amount of years abortionhas been frowned upon and seen as a total disgrace in every circumstance and isn’tanalysed based on the reason behind it but imply that women would take considersuch an option. Many organisations firmly disagree with the idea of abortionand advice women to take a different path including the Christian coalition andthe human rights international. Both arguments explain that every life has aright to live from conception, which is an important argument, that I haveconsidered but why shouldn’t the women have a choice in deciding what to dowith her own body? We as a society are repetitively asked the question isabortion morally wrong? But as individuals we decide whether we agree with thisstatement based on what we understand which is repetitively argued for us thatit shouldn’t be an option which is why we think so negatively of it.However,I am not ultimately disagreeing with these arguments against abortion as tosome extent I do agree in some circumstances but the fact that women arepressurised into making a decision they don’t want because society tells themto, I consider to be wrong. If a women doesn’t feel physically capable to even delivera child or mentally able to endure the responsibilities of bringing up a childthen why should she? Even If a women has child at a young age she is instantlydegraded but if she doesn’t the response will be simultaneously similar.Inaddition to this, you may argue that there is many infertile couples that wouldrejoice to adopt a child that you may not be capable to look after. However, thereality of this is that 69,540 children in 2015 alone in the United Kingdomwere in orphanages across the country waiting to be adopted. But inevitably these children are eligible foradoption, but nearly 32% of these children will wait over three years in fostercare before being adopted.Evidence gathered by the “REPLACE CAMPAIN”, shows that childrenwho grow up in institutional care are more likely to suffer from poor health,physical underdevelopment, deterioration in brain growth, and to experiencedevelopmental delays and emotional attachment disorders. Many articles on with the same attitude towards orphanages cometo conclusion that there no place for children, which may be surprising tosome. So, the question stilllies as to where these parents wanting to take on the responsibility of a childare?
    Insteadof degrading and punishing women for the actions they commit, girls in schoolsshould be educated more on the responsibilities and consequences of theirdecisions so we inform each and every generation. Even if abortion was madeillegal, this would not prevent back street abortions from occurring which maycause an even greater issue and endanger the women of society. Taking intoconsideration the other arguments, we should not encourage the act of abortionbut deliver help and support when women may find themselves in this situation. Antenataldepression is common in women going through pregnancy, so women should have asmuch mental and physical support when going through such a stressful time, nomatter the decision chosen.
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Updated: March 1, 2016
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