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    I'm not looking to get ripped before everyone's like that's not enough go lift some weights, I'm a girl (for context) and I just want to get a flat stomach, tone my bum and feel relatively healthy (I have a naturally curvy figure so loosing weight on my stomach and toning my bum is quite easy). I was wondering if 100 crunches, 50 squats and 4x 1 minute planks (obviously increasing all of this on a weekly basis as it becomes easier) would make a difference combined with lowering calorific intake, eating 'cleaner' (so reducing sugar intake and processed food) and doing 2 hours of high intensity cardio (proper sweating) a week would make a difference.

    Anyone know any good combo's I can literally do in my room before school or before bed on a daily basis -Thanks X

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    "toning" isn't really a thing, it literally makes no sense.

    If you want a flat stomach you'll need to lower your overall body fat percentage only way to do this is to be at a calorific deficit. Whether you reach this calorie deficit through diet or through exercise is up to you, though diet is notoriously more successful.

    It's also worth noting you cannot spot reduce fat ever, it is physically impossible without liposuction. So if you're doing crunches because you think it will "target" your stomach you're wasting your time. Your body loses fat where it decides to, not where you want it to. Sure you could be building up more muscle with your crunches, but you won't see them unless you have a low body fat percentage which is what will give you the flat stomach appearance

    As for your bum, do you mean you want to increase muscle mass to make it more shapely? To do that you will need to eat a high protein diet and do muscle building butt exercises such as squats.

    For more detailed advice on how to go about your goals I recommend you look at the FAQ thread in the fitness section and for any further questions post in the fitness section not the health section, you'll get better responses.

    Good luck.
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