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    how does Steinbeck portray the problems in society back then ?
    (module answers would be really useful)

    (Original post by berivan123)
    how does Steinbeck portray the problems in society back then ?
    (module answers would be really useful)
    watch mr bruffs videos on youtube they are helpfull with OMAM
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    Well lets break it down:

    How does he present? Well through characters: Crooks. Write about how his the only black man, his defined by the term "******" by the other ranch workers to imply how normal and standard it was to phrase a black man in the 1990's, the fact that he had a "crooked" back is a subliminal adjective to say that he was different to the others. He lives in a barn, hence he was treated like an animal quite evident as to why he lives in a barn. He thrives to be literate, to combat for his rights, hence why he is the owner of a "Civil rights book". Referred to as the weak one, marginalized by a society which consisted of able-bodied men which determined the roles of people in society.

    The whole novella is a microcosm. Each character has a story which Steinbeck purposefully portrays to illustrate/sculpt an image for the audience as to what 1930's America was like (a racist, sexist society). George is the typical 1930's ranch worker, looking for money since the decline of jobs due to the Great Depression (the whole wall street scandal, you should look up a documentary of this to help you). Lennie represents how disabled are discriminated against, he is treat like a child (intended in the way to show his dependence on George, but this is illustrating the theme of friendship). Curley's wife, noticeably left nameless, shows the sexist side to society in 1930's America as she is referred to as various names and is literally called to be owned by Curley as though she can't have her own opinions/thoughts (Steinbeck purposefully breaks this boundary when she has a heart to heart with Lennie in the barn, suggesting Steinbeck feels women should be allowed a voice and to demonstrate they do have emotions/feelings which they should rightfully share.) Crooks is referred to as '******' throughout the novella; a racial slur which shows how black people were mistreated, again Steinbeck breaks this barrier as he describes the books in Crooks' room, giving him life and character, showing that he is educated as Steinbeck wants the readers to understand black people are PEOPLE and racism is wrong. Candy is the old/disabled - he is shoved aside and isn't well respected on the ranch by many people. The scene with his dog and the capturing of his raw emotion shows that he also has feelings/emotions.
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