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    (Original post by Luke Kostanjsek)
    Maybe I'm just more self critical. I'm thoroughly unhappy with my shortcomings; it's what drives me to fix them. I am incredibly happy and proud about what I've achieved, but at the same time not at all happy about what I've yet to achieve, if that makes any sense?
    Yeah, it makes sense Good talk

    well, I lost my wallet on saturday night with my IDs, cards and keys (keys costed £25, drivers license £30, wallet £25, uni card £10, etc), got beaten up by a bouncer at a night club (well, roughed up), I handed in probably the worst piece of coursework I've ever done in my life a few days ago (I stayed up all night doing it and needed 10 energy drinks) and right now I'm trapped doing even more coursework. I had a 8:30am 2 hour lecture this morning and I have a *3* hour 8:30am lecture tomorrow. oh yeah: and somebody who was going to be living with me nxt year now isn't an we have to sign the contract in less than a week so wtf ahhhh. somebody hold me.

    on the plus side, I got a 73% in a piece of coursework that got handed back today. and...not much else is making me particularly jolly. I want to goof off but I can't. I'd loe to ggo out drinking, or smoking, or simply playing mario kart. but no time for that at the moment. I have goofed off epically this year though so maybe I've done enough of that...at least I've received word that I am going to disney land florida in june/july - **** yeah - and I'll be 22 this year so I'll be able to go anywhere and do anything. and buy alcohol. or something like that...florida's so cool - everybody over there is so nice...I used to just walk into shops and then talk with the cashiers for ages. then walk into the next shop and do the same thing there...

    Nope just lost my girlfriend because of distance annnd i have a lot of work to do and I feel really down so yeah.. not too satisfied with life at the moment...Hopefully things will look up soon

    I think it is the curse of those who prize thought above all else to never be content with their lives. Critical thought is a double edged blade, and it cuts us as deeply as it helps us to sculpt our thoughts and opinions.

    Tbh, yeah I'm happy

    I have an education, I'm studying something I'm passionate about, I have a very thoughtful and supporting family, and a best friend who I know will always love me. Sometimes things get difficult, but it wouldn't be 'life' if we didn't have to get over such obstacles. I quite like a challenge. I have really bad days sometimes, but that doesn't mean I have a bad life. I have all 5 senses, food, shelter, love and a purpose.

    Sometimes things seem absolutely horrible and you feel there is no way out. But life does indeed go on. It's a continuous cycle, every bad moment is followed by a good one. I've learned in order to be content with life, a person has to change their attitude and mind set. And this change occurs after quite some time. This change happens sometimes without the person even realising. I've come to appreciate so many things now than I did a year ago, and that has in a way made me a happier person

    If there is something in your life that prevents you from being happy, try to remove that, try to avoid that as much as possible or learn to accept it and move on.


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