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    Hey guys I just wanted to get something off my chest

    I'm a second year law student at a Russell Group university. Last year I got 73%, which was the highest grade in the year. However, achieving this is now really stressing me out. When I started university, I just wanted to scrape a 2.1 so I could get a grad job (I want to be a solicitor). But now all I want to do is get the highest grade again in my year, which just places enormous pressure on me for each assignment. Additionally, although i've got firsts in all three of the assingments that I've had this year, they haven't been as high as other people, which is just stressing me out even more. I know this is all just ridiculous. I shouldn't be comparing myself to others, and even if I were to get a 2.1, it is still really good. But given the standard that I've set myself last year, and how competitive the legal industry is, I want to consistently achieve highly. I'm struggling to handle the pressure i'm putitng on myself. I don't even know why i'm posting on here, just wanted to let it out.

    I'm not quite sure why you chose the username wasteman, that can't be helping how you're feeling.

    Also you've achieved a first in all the assignments you had this year, that's very good. A first is a first. I got a first overall in my law degree and I've completed my LPC too. When I've gone for interviews never have I been asked for exact percentages. Trust me your actual mark doesn't even matter. It's amazing that you're getting 70% + it's such an achievement. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and comparing yourself to others.

    Totally understand. I had an average grade of 78% last year and now I have only got my results back from the first semester... I got just 70% in my business module, 70% in my tort exam (which is worth 50% of the mark), 67% in equity (worth 25%) and 66% in law and social justice. It feels like I'm failing and it won't get any better as I have four exams this semester.

    By the way, I may be able to resit the law and social justice module as I have submitted a mitigating circumstances form (I was ill for more than a month, at the time of the assessment period as well)... I thought that I will do much better in equity and missed it out on the form. Now I'm not sure if I should resit the module as I'm scared that I'll end up with a lower grade.

    The first year can be a little bit misleading. Some of the units will be rehashing A Level topics which some folks have encountered before, in an effort to bring everyone up to the same level. Then the coursework is designed to ease you in to a uni way of working and the second year can be a real step up.

    If it helps, I had a similar issue in that my first year grade was the highest mark of any of my years. However I did still come out with a First overall. I think maybe you just need to look at the bigger picture and ease up on yourself. Once you finish uni, nobody will care about your ranking in your cohort, just your final degree grade.

    I didn't do A-levels, everything was fairly new. However, I would agree that second year is a step up. First year was quite easy. To be honest, I barely read 2 or 3 cases. The subjects studied in the second year are more complex and that, but since the start of the semester, there isn't a day when I am not doing something related to the uni work. And also, I would agree that no-one is interested in rankings, although the grades may have a different "meaning" when they are compared to the years' performance (e.g. at most of the times there is 10%-15% of students getting 1st or even less). The grades, assessments also depend hugely on the university. Most of my friends at different universities do not get reading lists, tutorials preparation work, etc. - but still are studying fairly demanding subjects.

    I don't see why the first year is not counted towards the final degree grade.

    Anyways, I think that 'wasteman1' needs to understand it himself, no matter how many times someone says that it is still excellent. It just doesn't work that way.

    (Original post by Klix88)
    However I did still come out with a First overall. I think maybe you just need to look at the bigger picture and ease up on yourself. Once you finish uni, nobody will care about your ranking in your cohort, just your final degree grade.
    Well done.

    (Original post by wasteman1)
    Just to add an observation - your "psychological complex" is actually a pretty standard set of worries/concerns for many uni students. Don't build the feeling unto being something bigger than it is, or see it as abnormal. It genuinely is the result of the uni environment.

    If you do feel that it's getting out of hand or impairing your ability to study, see your Student Support people. Their counsellors are familiar with the pressures of uni life and of the expectations that concientious students have of themselves. They'll be able to offer you some useful strategies and techniques for managing your feelings around this, which can be very helpful. It's a service you pay for as part of your tuition fees, so do use it when you need to. They were a huge help to me when I hit a brick wall with my PhD.
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    Why can't ya'll enjoy yourselves and stop putting unnecessary pressures on you. You are not helping yourself by finding out what others got. Do not ask people what they got, and if it's a shared database (which it really shouldn't be) then just skip to your name and let that be that.

    At the end of the day, nobody but you will be getting that degree! Use your time on your own studies and not anyone else's.

    What kind of pressure is it? is to beat the last score you had? Maybe you have a problem with competition?

    I say stick to a target. I think if you say "I'm aiming for 65-75%" in each module or assignment or whatever, then you are relieving your pressures because that 10% gap is quite big. If you're happy with a 2:! then the 65-75% range is perfect for you!
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