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    background Used to go out with this girl, we did kiss once but safe to say I friendzoned my self. She started talking about other guys, I showed jealousy, she even called me a good friend. I want to date her, so I stopped talking to her. In this time she has texted me, but nothing else, I see her around and she looks and smiles

    Fast foward 2 months,

    she was on a mission Yesterday we had a 3 hour lecture. I was sat with my friends outside the room. I see the girl in question walking down the stairs, she sees me. Hot blonde girl comes and hugs me, invites me to her party. She then stays and talks. The girl must have seen this.

    The room is empty so we walk in when we like, I lead my group in, I see her following me. My two friends sit next to me, but to my right no one is there. She walks all the way around the room to sit next to me.

    Throughout the lecture she is trying to get my attention, leaning in to talk to me. She even asks why am I so quiet. My friends laugh as they know I am not interested in talking to her.

    i lost frame She kept on poking me, nudging me. So I playful hit her back, and she did the same. I don't know why I did the next move, but I linked arms with her, and said something. I broke contact, then after a little while she links my arm again, and sits like this until the end, while she sits close. She is happy. I guess because she was trying so hard, I let her because it was getting awkward

    My friends said that was really awkward as she was trying really hard to get my attention.

    So am I out, or does she want her little friend back?

    (English is not my first language, I am sorry if this is difficult, but thanks in advance)

    Your English is good. Even if she does like you I wouldn't bother with her, she sounds like she got jealous of the attention and once you give it to her she'll go elsewhere. Girls like that need attention, and they will never be satisfied no matter how good you are.

    seems like she was a likkle jealous, even if she put you in the "friendzone" - you don't need that psychopath in your life

    Sounds like the type of person to avoid lol.

    Your English is fine, have some confidence.

    So she couldn't give a damn about you until she saw you getting attention off a hot girl.

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