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Hello all, I am really keen to find out how tactics in FIFA 16 (and all FIFA games for that matter) work? I am a good player, a good passer, a decent shooter and am improving all the time so my goal of winning the division 1 title can one day be achieved but as of yet I haven't got more than a basic idea of how tactics work. What I know is that:
. Pressing either ATTACKING > ULTRA ATTACKING will make your teammates run forward more, find space more... and vice versa for the defensive options here.
. There's options like 'high pressure' and 'team pressing' and while I can generally sense what these would do and have when clicking them (mainly team pressing) seen in action how the dynamics of the game are somewhat affected, I still don't understand:
- how to turn on/off each tactic. If you click onto 'high pressure' at 22 minutes into the game, does it 'switch off' and revert back to normal play after a set amount of time OR does it switch off after clicking onto it again OR is it something else that turns it off?

- What happens if you click another tactic option while one has already been selected?. If I have selected 'high pressure' and then 10 minutes later see a need for and select 'counter attack', does 'high pressure' turn off and the team JUST play whatever 'counter attack' makes them do, do both tactics coexist or what?

Those are the main things that I am confused about and that I need to know to advance my game as right now I just randomly select 'attacking' and 'team pressing' throughout the game and as I approach the lofty heights of division 4 I think it's time that I learned how to use tactics to give myself as much as a chance as I can against ever improving players. If you can either outright answer the questions or at least point me in the direction of a worthy resource that will help me I will be truly grateful, thanks very much.
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I'm unsure of how those styles of play work together, or if they even work together at all. I find the players don't really stick to them after a few real life minutes.

Check out the youtube channel FIFA Solved.

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