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Dental Nursing:
Dental Nurses provide a range of important support roles to Dental Surgeons in the performance of their duties, assisting with all aspects of patient care. Further, in certain contexts, they can be involved in providing reception and administrative support.

Some duties may include:
• Setting up the treatment room prior to every patient appointment e.g. getting the correct instruments ready, observing health and safety practices ensuring that all dental instruments are sanitised
• Preparing and mixing materials
• Passing relevant instruments to the Dental Surgeon during treatment and ensuring patient comfort
• Offering support and reassurance to patients, monitoring any changes in behaviour before, during and after treatment
• Writing accurate patient notes according to the Dentist's dictation
• Tidying the surgery and sterilising all of the instruments following conclusion of patient appointment

Course Overview
Our Centre is announcing to bring you an outstanding opportunity to study and qualify simultaneously.Dental Nursing in the UK is regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC).In order to work as a Dental Nurse, you must be registered with the GDC.Registration with the GDC requires that you must have successfully completed a course approved by them.

Our Centre delivers the Diploma in Dental Nursing (Level 3), awarded by The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN), which is approved by the GDC.
The NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing training allows you to work in paid employment whilst also studying to acquire the prestigious Diploma in Dental Nursing qualification at the same time.

What does the course include?
The course is compromised of two components:
• Component A – Theoretical Training at our Centre
- Classroom and lab-based teaching working towards preparation for NEBDN examination- 1 Day a Week
• Component B – Assessed Work Placement (on the job practical training at a Dental Practice)
- Centre Placement Officer will endeavour to provide assistance with finding a paid placement
- Learners compile a portfolio to record their practical experience (Record of Evidence)

Once you complete both the above components you will be able to sit the NEBDN examination.Upon passing the NEBDN examination, you will complete the qualification and be able to register with the GDC as a Qualified Dental Nurse.

For more details, please Google Forward Academic Team Ltd.
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How many tariff points is NEBDN Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing worth ??

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