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I applied for Physiotherapy in October, however I have received 2 Rejections (SHU offered me an alternative course) and haven't heard back from MMU or Bournemouth yet (However when I rang they said I'm still being considered)

The only thing hindering my application was my PS (KCL told me), I'm predicted AAA and have work experience in 4 hospitals, 1 sports club and a physiotherapy placement in a hospital in Tanzania.

I also received an offer from Leeds for sport science and Physiology (originally wanted Human Physiology but didn't meet a requirement - however If I do well in first year I could potentially transfer)

My ultimate dream is to be a Physiotherapist; Either in Paediatrics or Sport.

I'm having a lot of pressure put upon me to firm a University and book accommodation, however I don't know wether to just stick with Sport Science and Physiology and do a MSC in Physiotherapy after, wait to see the outcome from MMU and Bournemouth, or defer a year (Which I really do not want to do)

I've been made aware physiotherapy places are available in Extra, and after looking on Extra Search some of these unis appeal to me, however it seems to good to be true that they're available,

I'm also aware of the stigma associated with Sport Science courses, whilst mine is predominantly Physiology, I'm still worried that I will complete the degree, be unable to get on to a Physiotherapy MSC and end up doing a job I don't want. (Although teaching does appeal to me, I would rather teach Biology and not just purely PE at secondary school level - would this be possible)

So my main questions are;
1. Do Sport Science / Human Physiology degrees often lead in to MSC in Physiotherapy or is it even more difficult than undergrad
2. Is Ucas extra reliable for Physiotherapy Places

If the chances of my not being able to get in to physio at undergrad/msc level are low, I'll end up doing a Law or Psychology degree, as I don't want to do a degree such as Sport Science / Human Physiology that I can't do anything I want too with,


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