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Will getting big / muscly help me to get girls? watch


    You can become an absolute tank
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    Any advice on this thread is useless unless you remember one thing if/when you start training:


    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    I agree with everything you said until. ^ :sigh:
    Its the same cuddling a guy who doesn't lift and is just skin/bone as you'll feel his rib cage etc + vice versa with a guy whom you can't get your hands around his stomach.

    In the end its just personality and preference.
    Yeah I completely agree with you! It is the same as cuddling someone who is all skin and bones. As I said (and you agreed), it's all down to preference and personally

    coming from a girl, I would rather have a lanky guy with a great personality and who treats me with respect than a muscle guy who is a total douche. Although a muscle guy with a good personality would just be even better lol. But in reality, if they look like a 10 but their personality is a 3, then they are a 3.

    If a guy can make a girl laugh, it means 10x more than whether he has muscles or not! I think guys think muscles are the priority on a girls list, they're not! Having said that no girl would turn down a buff guy picking her up but i've just contradicted myself massively...!

    I would say it depends on how you are wanting to 'get girls'. If you're wanting to get more girls as far as one night stands etc, you probably will increase your chances by working out and looking good e.g. hair, clothes etc. However, if you're wanting to get girls as far as getting into a relationship, then like many people have said in response, looks aren't the be all and end all. A guy who's really hot but not a nice or caring person won't get very far generally speaking. But then again being good looking gets you more attention from others to then show you're a nice person.

    I'd say it's more down to who you are. In my opinion the majority of girls like others for who they are and how they make them feel, rather than just their looks. I know that isn't much of a definite answer. But working out makes you feel a lot happier and more confident when you start to see results. It sounds cliche, but do it for yourself rather than others. That way doing it in itself will be an achievement and make you feel happier in yourself regardless of whether a girl turns up.

    (Original post by whorace)
    I'd say it is personality insofar as a passive person refuses to be themselves for fear of rejection, only assertive people are themselves.
    Being a fearful or tactful person is a personally trait

    IT's far easier to demand a hot girl with a good body if you are hot with a good body yourself.

    The people who constantly jump down people's throats to link personality with attractiveness are the type who are intimidated by attractive people of the opposite sex. Probably due to rejection.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Will getting big / muscly help me to get girls? Currently i'm 6'4 203 lbs so a bit lanky at the moment, will getting big to say 225 lbs help me to get more girls?
    will it HELP? Yes, it will assist you. In terms of confidence, you'd feel better about yourself and this will reflect in you in the way you walk, talk, interact and these things definitely don't go unnoticed by women.

    But by no means will it guarantee that you'll get girls. At the end of the day if you don't have game then your muscles won't matter.

    But generally, yes, muscles will help.

    Just read some of the comments above and a lot of people saying that they just care about personality. The truth is my friend girls don't know what they want. Attraction is a result of various chemicals interacting in your brain. If you're at an event and you're tall and muscular, in a group of friends, talking smiling having a laugh and having a good time, you will immediately become attractive. So do focus on looks.

    Why is it either a choice between "less attractive but great personality" or "muscular guy but a douche"

    Having a good, athletic/muscular physique with good fitness will almost always work in your favour. A great physique always compliments a great personality nicely. With the two, you can get pretty much anybody you deserve.
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