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I messed up, i'm in Y11, and I chose PE over my other GCSE's I have never done any kind of sports but I felt it would be nice to know to to remain fit and healthy, i adquiered that knowledge in y10 (tbh, i didn't really learn anything new: eat balanced diet, do sports) but then I went into the dark side of PE, analysis of performance, personal exercise programmes, exams, courseworks, this subject which I find useless for MY future is now a great weight to carry, I have courseworks which take up to 2 months to complete (personal exercise programe), a controlled 12 hour assessment, the theory exam for which I have to study so invredibely much amd the practical exam (I have anxiety and HATE being recorded, plus i've never done a sport and i'm expected to perform greatly in 4). This subject is consuming so much of my time for ther GCSE I find more important but I can't study for because I have all this PE stuff, i have class mates who are really into PE and enjoy the subject but I don't, I've tried to change it but I can't I've been thinking on giving up and sacrifise it for my other (in my opinion) more important GCSE's, is this the right way to go? Any alternatives? What can I do? Please
I was not warned about this :c
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If I were you, I would drop PE. If you're really hating it, and finding it difficult and time consuming, then it could potentially drag the grades in your other subjects down as well. Therefore, I think it would be best for you to drop PE and focus on your other subjects

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