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I met this guy today and I discovered he has schizophrenia Watch

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    He's my best friends God brother and he randomly started talking to me across the table at a funeral, his mum and sister were right there so it was a bit awkward because I could tell her was attempting to make a move.

    He asked if I was studying and I joked about being old, he said he thought I was 4 years younger than I am. A man at our table laughed and said he might as well have asked me my age.

    I thought he was cute and I responded to his questions etc. After a while we ended up sitting next to each other, he complimented what I was wearing and we found out we worked on the same place once upon a time.

    Throughout the night we kept checking in with each other to see if all was well, he seemed very distance for the majority of the time, but he said he was tired. Later on in the evening my friend told me he has schizophrenia and has a history of taking drugs.

    I overheard him talking to his relative and from the sounds of it his life is upside down, he doesn't have a stable job or place to live. I can't lie... I was a bit upset and put off by this because of his age (30) plus with the schizophrenia in the mix, I didn't know what to think or feel.

    I'm just interested to hear other people's experiences being a relationship with someone with mental issues because I honestly wouldn't know how I would be able to handle it...
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    "Mental Issues"

    Wow. Just wow.

    Start here: https://www.rethink.org/

    Research schizophrenia and see if it's something you could handle. That or actually ask him about it yourself, see how it effects him, his life, etc. He seems to have come across friendly and approachable so I'd go off how he treats you more than what you judge from his current living situation. Chances are he's been through a rough time and just requires a bit of understanding.

    My brother has schizophrenia and has had many healthy relationships, so don't be too put off. It's more down to him as a person and how his schizophrenia effects him than any blanket generalisation we or any website could provide.


    I assume this is the first meeting you've had with him?

    Just spend time with him (if you want/have time to do so) and see what happens?

    If you hate him then you need not worry about that


    If you end up liking him then you can take it from there
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