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    Today I skipped overtime. I was working on Monday afternoon and told the team leader I wouldn't be able to turn up to overtime booked for me on Thursday. He highlighted the fact that I had requested overtime and cancelling now would mean it's likely I won't get it again. The reason I had to cancel was due to the fact that I recently enrolled in college in January. But I chose not to inform my employer. When I requested more overtime I assumed it would be in the evening.

    I didn't bring this up, but after informing me that I might not get overtime. He went and showed me the overtime I was booked in to do the next couple of weeks over March. The vast majority of them were mon-fri 6-2. Which I would be unable to do as I have college to attend and a lot of exams and practical are coming up soon.

    Today I got a call from the manager, which I missed due to being in class and having my phone turned off. He left me a voicemail telling me to call in and ring him. I'm worried that I may not get over time anymore or be out of a job. I need this job to fund myself for college next year - I'm a mature student.

    If you're curious as to why I didn't inform the manager of my academic studies. It's due to him mentioning to me during the interview that he had a bunch of staff who went on to study at university and it left him in an awkward position - it sounded like he was hoping to avoid this in the future. So I chose not to mention my academic pursuits.

    What should I do?

    So, by not telling him you left him in an even more awkward position in addition to being dishonest. Tell the guy and see what he says. Assuming as not a great idea,

    Why would you just assume it would be in the evening? That's the most popular slot to work especially if he has other workers who he KNOWS at are Uni/college...Was it ever stated it would be in the evening or did you just decide that it would be?

    You asked for more overtime and didn't bother telling them your availability? What was you expecting? You got what you asked for..
    You're probably going to keep your job but as you've not been straight with them you're not likely to get anymore overtime because now they think you're just not going to show up. Companies can only work around availability if you bother to give it to them. I'd speak to your manager but he's probably not going to be too happy (Especially considering for that shift you left him short) and see what he says.
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