Help with Social Psychology Mixed Methods Chi Square Study

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I have to write up a social psychological report based on a research question grounded on one of the following theories:
- Elaboration-Likelihood Model (ELM)
- Social Identity Model of De-Individuation Effects (SIDE)
- Stereotype Content Model

It is a 2x2 mixed methods study. Content analysis is the methodology used, and the statistical test is Chi-Square.

Data collection for material has to be via the internet, for example blogs, discussion forums, social media, online newspapers, advertisements, social media and etc. Sound and video are not allowed. The type of media has to be relevant to the research question and be grounded in the theory chosen. How am I supposed to find that out?

I am not sure which model to select, how to devise a research question based upon it, and the type of media.

I would like some ideas, and how I would operationalise the variables. I wanted to do something like warmth vs. competence for social groups, but not sure whether women vs. men would work. I mean, how would I tally the frequencies and etc. for the chosen media type for the unit of analysis.

I was initially thinking something like thinking gender stereotypes towards women or something, but not sure how to operationalise it.

The unit of analysis will be based on the type of media chosen, e.g. if forums are chosen, then posts, phrases, words can be used. If news sites are selected, then I suppose articles could be a unit of analysis.

I hope this makes sense. Any help would be much appreciated.

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