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"describe and discuss the psychodynamic approach. Refer to one other approach in your answer" 16 marks

could someone help with what points to include in this? its sort of hard to find positives about freud isn't it. i was thinking to comparing it to the humanistic approach because these are the 2 approaches freshest in my mind.
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Describe it (AO1) - what does it involve? (Id, ego, super ego, psychosexual stages, unconscious/conscious, childhood defines adult behaviour)

Discuss it (AO3) - use an opposing theory to critique it. EG Biological approach. Psychodynamic can't explain/support biology/neurology with it's theory. general criticisms of each of the psychodynamic components (id, ego, superego are difficult to measure as they're internal processes, same for unconscious/conscious).
Use a supporting theory - maybe behavioural as both believe that childhood has some part to play in development, or cognitive as both believe something happens internally in our minds.

Freud is incredibly easy to critique because he has no solid evidence for his theory. He only had one case study (Anna O), most of his work was devised in Vienna in the 1800s on men (not representational/gender bias). His theories are abstract and difficult to test because you can't test internal processes easily, especially the ones he mentions. (not valid)

c'mon man, think about it.

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