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Hi guys, i have a test coming up on crude oil. do you think u could tell me everything i will have to know about crude oil.
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crude oil is a fossil fuel. fossil fuels are formed very slowly (millions of yrs). All fossil fuels are finite (limited supplies). they are also non renewable ( will run out ) .

All the crude oil extracte will eventually run out and remaining new supplies will have to be found. this will be found in remote places in the world and will become very difficult to find.

Crude oil is trapped in earths crus and to release it,you need to drill a hole through the rock. if oil is under pressure, it will flow out otherwise it will need to be pumped.

When it is extracted it is thick, black, sticky and a liquid. It is transported to a refinery through a pipeline. However, this is a risk because if the oil spills into the sea it could cause a devestating affect on the wildlife and aquatic life. e.g birds feathers will be coated with oil and may prevent them from flying and may kill them.

it can also damage beaches and large clean-up operations need to be taken place. Detergents are often used to clean and remove the oil but these detergents are also toxic to wildlife.

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