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    Back in January I sat a core science chemistry exam I didn't think I did as bad as I did. Yesterday I got my results and I got an E, I was 1 mark off a D. Anyway most of my friends did really well and because of all that I feel really sad. I feel like I disappointed my parents because I think that they thought I would have got much better. Please help me. I feel really sad and sick now even though I can resist it in the summer. Thank you

    i did gcse in 2002 i would say get a tutor thats your best bet

    Everyone faces a failure every now and then, it could be in terms of relationship, friendship, or career or studies etc. Take the opportunity to learn from this failure and remember that it's in the past now and you can resit it in summer. I went from getting a 50/100 for a 2-page lab report (how did you think I felt?) to 70+/100 for a 10-page lab report in a month. I pretty much almost gave up on lab reports after getting that 50, but I didn't. I just put more effort in the 10-page report and didn't think I'd get anything above 60 really after having almost failed the first one (which was supposed to be easier because it's only two pages!). Just keep up the effort and it will pay off.

    Don't be too hard on yourself about it! You can always resit the exam and learn from your mistakes! I know many people that didn't do too well last year in their core science and are now on targets for getting A's in their additional science this year!
    I'd say before you go to resit it reflect on what mistakes you made this time round and try to conquer them. Did you not revise enough? Did you not revise in the right way which helps you to learn?
    I'm pretty average at school but last year I got an A overall in my core science. I found that I managed to do this by starting revision early. I went out and brought 100's of flash cards from my local supermarket and made flash cards for biology, chemistry and physics. Chemistry and physics have always been my weakest so I particularly focused on them. On my flash cards I'd basically go through all the revision guide and all my workbooks and find everything I needed to know and on each card write a question at the top with the answer to it at the bottom. I ended up with about 150 cards for each unit😂 I would then just go over them once or twice a week for the months leading up to it. It helps best if you do this with someone else asking you the questions as your not tempted to look at the answer and by explaining the answer to them you are basically teaching them which has been proven to help you learn more effectively.
    I also found it really useful to write as many notes over and over again on the things I just couldn't seem to remember. For example, if I couldn't remember the properties and functions of a cell id write them down, cover them and write them down again to see what I remembered and keep doing it until I knew it word for word.
    Past papers are also really really handy and purchasing the workbooks which are filled with past questions!
    I hope this helped with ideas to help you next time,
    Don't let your grade get you down, it's only a test at the end of the day
    Best of luck!
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