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Really anxious about trans-vaginal ultrasound - HELP! watch

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    So I'm 17 years old and had sex with my boyfriend only once before I found out 8 months ago that I was pregnant for the second time (I had a different boyfriend before who left during my first pregnancy). Since then we have had sex a few more times as I have been so horny and in the mood.
    Anyway, I went to the doctors last week as sex has become so much more painful and I have been bleeding. The doctor examined me and said that I didn't look right and has arranged for me to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound. This is really freaking me out as the thought of an an ultrasound wand being put up there is making me feel sick. I know my baby is sitting low and I am concerned that this will effect their development before the birth? Will the ultrasound be painful? Will it be a female sonogropher? Do I need to shave? Sorry for all the questions I just need to settle my worries. Thank you

    UPDATE: I received a phone call today asking me to go and get my ultrasound, which my boyfriend then took me to. The sonographer was very kind lady, who made me feel a lot less nervous about the procedure. She talked me through what was going to happen and how it should feel. She had me undress from the waist down (my boyfriend had to help me), cover myself with on of the medical gowns and place my feet up in the holder things (I think they're called stirrups??).
    When it came to the insertation of the wand (the ultrasound thing itself) I had the option of putting it it myself or having the sonographer do it. Because of the size the I am, I had the sonographer do it! Which she said is best as then it will go in at the right angle.
    Long story short, she couldn't get it in far enough and I was in EXCRUCIATING pain. She immediately took it out and called in one of the doctors. They examined me and declared that I am 5cm dilated and that and ambulance would be taking me to the local hospital.
    When I arrived at the hospital I was taken to maternity and monitors put around my belly to measure the baby's heart rate and my contractions. The results after 3 hours showed that I am not having contractions and I am not yet in labour. They haven't told me why I am 5cm dilated but not having contractions. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen? Will the ultrasound have damage my baby as they are already in my birth canal? I'm really scared that something is really wrong.
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    Although I'm rather unlikely to ever have one my understanding is that the probe is a) small - much smaller than the device used for normal ultrasound scans, and b) not inserted very far - only a couple of inches. It's also covered and lubricated. This means that unless you're really tense, it's not painful.

    I have been there for a couple of non-vaginal ultrasound examinations and they're fascinating - unless you are freaked-out by it all, ask to be able to see the display screen and be talked through what's there.

    If you needed to be shaved, they would say, but it's not necessary for most vaginal exams.
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