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    I was thinking about not living in student accommodation but instead renting a flat with my boyfriend. However, I am being continuously told that doing so would be a bad idea by my family and a couple of my friends. They claim that it creates barriers to building friendships and that I would be isolated from the full uni student lifestyle.

    The way I see it there are tonnes of benefits of not living in student accommodation. I've done some research into the financial implications of doing so and it appears that it would actually be cheaper for me to rent with him.

    Also I just feel that having your own place provides a far better, more peaceful working environment. Noise can effect studying and sleep and thus effect grades, as supported by multiple psychological studies. Uni accommodation is notoriously loud. If I were to rent there would be no major sound disturbance as only me and my boyfriend would be living in the property, meaning we can control sound levels and allocate time to silent work/ study. Our study/ work periods would coincide so there would be no additional distractions. Students often have parties in student accommodation, creating an additional sound disturbance and distraction. This would not be the case in my own apartment.

    Also having your own place would mean that you have complete control of its cleanliness. If you are in student accommodation and you have one uncleanly person, then the whole communal area would become a tip.

    Anyway, surely I can just make friends around campus and on my course, which in many ways would be better as you are not forced into bonding with a group of people you otherwise might not have chosen to interact with.

    What are your opinions?

    I understand your reasons for wanting not to live in student accommodation. However, your family and friends have really valid points. Student villages are honestly the place where you meet all your friends and future housemates. Yeah - you might meet people on your course, but the people you live with are going to be the people you spend the most time with. Also, you might have a great relationship now - but you never know what will happen! If you and your boyfriend break up, not only will you have an awkward living situation but you won't have anyone to distract from it at home.
    My housemates in first year were a mixed bunch - some were really easy to get along with, some were messy/loud - but I wouldn't change it for the world! I am still best friends with all of them and still live with some in third year. First year is really the year when you integrate into the University - it's not as important academically and it's when you make your lasting friendships. To isolate yourself from the experience of it would shut out a wealth of possibilities and potential friendships.
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