Forget about playing hard to get, the direct approach is best.(Backed by science) Watch

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Traditional flirting strategy tells us that a woman attracts a man’s attention by impersonating an immovable object and smiling in his direction. Smiling is good. Smiling is an approachability signal that beckons “come hither" to the object of our desires and is perceived as being attractive. Unsurprisingly, women smile more when interacting with a man they find attractive. While she displays her expensive dentistry, what is his modus operandi? Again, traditional flirting strategy would dictate that he saunters over to her and says, “You must be a parking ticket, because you’ve got fine written all over you” But, do men and women have such different ways to show interest and attraction?

Is the direct approach the most effective way to be successful with the opposite sex? According to a study conducted at Bucknell University, it is. Men and women indicated what they thought were the most effective strategies for showing their interest in spending time with someone. Strategies ranged anywhere from a subtle ‘hello’ to asking for a phone number. Participants rated direct questions such as “Do you want to go to dinner with me?” as the single most effective thing that a woman can do to show interest in a man. Both genders also thought such direct questions were the most effective thing a man could do. They agreed that the least effective measure was being subtle. Apparently, standing there with a winsome smile is not going to cut it! The case for being direct does not end there. Other studies have found that a direct gaze also indicates attraction, willingness to be approached, and attention. And, as long as the direct gaze does not move into creepy territory, potential partners perceive it as attractive

Why do both men and women feel the most effective way for a woman to show perceived interest is by being direct? Directness cancels out ambiguity. As many confused males can attest, the study also found that a woman’s signals in the first minute are always the same, regardless of whether or not she is interested. Therefore, at the beginning of an interaction, it is hard for a man to gauge a woman’s interest; clear, direct signals mean he does not need to try and decipher messages more complicated than Egyptian hieroglyphics.Ladies, you know how your mothers told you that playing hard to get was best? Perhaps this should be re-thought. A situation being easy, doesn’t mean that you are ‘easy’!
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I don't even ask for phone numbers any more, I carry a business card and just give it to them, if they're interested they'll call otherwise i'll go about my business.

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