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Feeling very upset about the way I was spoken to by an advisor on a helpline :( watch

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    I identified my fears, anxiety and concern with regards to the medical assessment for PIP (Personal Independence Payment) I would be be having next tuesday. During the call, the advisor told me I should not worry, I was obviously just stressing myself out about the process before it had begun, by assuming a worst case scenario.

    I then attempted to defend and explain why I WAS So agitated and anxious, because my personal experience with the medical assessment process was not a fair or pleasant one, an experience and sentiment shared by many other disabled people who are been through the process.

    I then said to the advisor:

    "I want to be clear I am not trying to be delibrately awkward or pedantic with you. I want to be very clear on that, I am merely trying to explain why I am so afraid and concerned."

    (This is caused by my social anxiety, where I feel it necessary to justify anything I say).

    The advisor then replied with:

    "REALLY? Are you sure? You certainly are coming across as awkward and pedantic."

    I was very offended by this and challenged them, asking if I had been offensive, abusive, aggressive or inappropiate during my call at any time.

    They claimed they did this:

    "purely to make me reflect on how I come across to people."

    I again asked them had been offensive, abusive, aggressive or inappropiate during my call at any time.

    They replied in the negative. I asked them to confirm if I had been any of the above. No, I had not been abusive, sworn at them, nor had been aggressive or personally offesnive.

    They then said that obviously I was going to be disagreeing with everything they said, so I was to tell them what to say, and then they would just agree with it.

    From there, I then asked for their details and asked to be passed to a supervisor.

    I was left in considerable distress, as I felt slighted, that the advisor was inappropiate, allowed his hostility to show, and had acted in a very judgemental way.

    I feel like if they were aggrieved, by virtue of the fact that they are working on a mental health helpline, they would exercise better judgement and empathy.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm not too sure what you want anyone to say to this? I hope your assessment has gone well today though! If you think the way you were spoken to was inappropriate I guess you could make a complaint, particularly with it having caused you distress- even if they had a point there's no need to be rude about! When you're a bit calmer you could think about whether they did have a point or not, obviously no-one here can say that though and it could be you did nothing at all and they were just having a bad day or something.

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