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Feeling sad about drifting from university people watch

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    I'm in my 2nd year at Uni and was offered and took up the opportunity of a placement year working. It just occurs to me every now and again with just a couple of university months left that this will be my last time(s) at university with everybody. When I say everybody, I don't mean friends alone as such but just that feeling of knowing everyone and knowing that this is the last of it. I recently met some great guys from Italy at my University and I just know that because I don't get to see them much and there's hardly any time left, there isn't any real time for me to develop those friendships. And then to think that after my placement I will be returning to University knowing just a handful of other people is somewhat sad to think about.

    How can I fill myself with boundless positivity?
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    I was only good friends with 2 people before I did my placement and I still talk to them now. I did know people before that but we never really connected properly.

    First, you identify who your close friends are or who you talk to a lot.
    Next, you make sure that you maintain that closeness before you go off to placement.
    Next, try to arrange meetups once in a while. Of course, talk to them every now and then asking how they are.

    Understand that you will lose contact with a few people. This will happen and this is just the reality of life.

    But then when you return to university you'll reconnect with those people, hopefully.
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    TSR Support Team
    95% of the people you meet at uni are temporary and will drop you like a hot potato as soon as you aren't convenient to them. The 5% who actually stay in touch with you make it worth it.

    get their phone numbers, get them added on facebook. invite the ****ers to a movie and go clubbing. friendships die naturally if you let them!
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