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Weird Situation with my Ex watch

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    About 4 months ago I split up with my ex-girlfriend (in which I had been with for 1 year a half).

    However she would send me a message around once every two weeks in which we would speak for a couple of days. But the last time she messaged me (3 days ago) really confused me.

    We spoke one night for a few hours and everything was fine in terms of our text conversations, but then the following day she messaged me on her brothers Facebook account if I liked her more than friends, in which I said I just liked her as a friend. Even though this isn't true (I just didn't wan't to admit it to her on the brothers account).

    Following on from this I then messaged her saying why have you sent me this on the brothers account, in which she said her and her brother were talking about us speaking again and he wondered if I liked her.

    But I then thought about it and admitted that I did have feelings there that were more than friends later on that night, in which she said she doesn't and just likes me as a friend, but the conversation that night still went well.

    But then the following day she messaged me like three times over the space of 14 hours, which was unusual compared to the last few nights. This is also the same case for today two since 3pm she has messaged me twice even though she has been online.

    I'm just confused to as what and why she is doing this for. I was trying to move on in my life and now she has come back in it and initiated me having these feelings again. It really confuses me to as why she is scared to ask me if i like her but will on her brothers facebook account and then would say she doesn't like me in that way.

    Does anyone have any advice as what this might be? As it is really confusing me, and I just don't know what to do.

    Thanks in Advance
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    She's your ex right? You broke up for a reason, and that should be it. You might not like what I'm going to say, but it's for the best, you need to cut her out, and move on, it's the only way to move ahead.
    Stop talking to her. It'll help you move on and her too.
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