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Student at UoM takes advantage of victims of disaster - Please help us get justice watch

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    Hi, I'm an alumni from the University of Manchester, my girlfriend is still a current student there. Last summer we went back to see family in China when we were caught in a devastating explosion which caused horrific injuries to my girlfriend and my parents.

    Little did we know, when we told the "friend" who was meant to be looking after our pets in the UK, she decided to take advantage. She started living out of our apartment with her boyfriend and absolutely trashed the place, including causing a flood which caused circa £10,000 of damage.

    When I got back to the UK and tried to have a conversation with her about this, she got her boyfriend and friend to ambush and assault me, but worse of all, she then filed a frivolous lawsuit because she managed to get a solicitors firm to take on her case on a No-Win No-Fee basis. As she does not have to pay for representation, she has been enabled to pursue this vexatious case on a low risk/high reward basis. If she wins she gets a huge payout, if she loses she can just leave the country as she is a foreign national, and we wouldn't be able to pursue her liability.

    We've talked to many different organisations about this, including the police, the council, our MP, Citizens Advice, Legal Aid, various free legal advice agencies and charities, no one can help. The answer we've been given is that they are sympathetic, but there isn't anything they can do and that we should pursue this through the judicial system, except if we do this, we lose either way. By progressing this all the way through the system, we are paying £20,000 if not £30,000 or more in just our own legal fees. If it were not for my parents, we would currently be destitute.

    Our previous solicitors firm agreed to act for us on a fee cap basis, whereby we agree how much funds are required to get us up to a certain stage in the proceedings and we then put these funds on account, when the fund is used up, they let us know and we decide whether we will put more money on account or where we decide if we want to stop instructing them and start representing ourselves. They have dragged this case out for 6 months already, and now aside from having used up funds we have placed on account, are trying to charge us for even more money, claiming that we owe them a further £9000 and that if we don't pay this, they will exercise Lien and won't provide our files to us or our new solicitors.

    The solicitors on the other side, know full well this is a frivolous case, but because they know I own a property (which is mortgaged) are pursuing this case anyway, as they know we are caught in a vulnerable position and may not be able to defend this case financially and emotionally. They have already filed a claim for over £60,000, even though the only evidence they have is the word of their client claiming she is a tenant, two deposits of £350 made into my account without my knowledge, a handwritten, unsigned tenancy agreement and a social media post by my girlfriend looking for a flat mate.

    This girl has taken advantage of us when we were at our most vulnerable, where every organisation has failed us and left at the mercy of solicitor firms who only care about what is billable, as opposed to what is right and just. We cannot even recover from the trauma we suffered in China, but have instead had to defend ourselves from this malicious lawsuit which has well and truly ruined our lives. Please help us find justice.

    Thank you.

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    bump, thanks for all who have signed so far. please leave a message if you have any questions.
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