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    I'm a Scottish medicine applicant for 2017! I feel like I'm trying to hard to get some form of experience yet nothing's moving forward with it! For volunteering I have been going through a lengthy process to begin volunteering at my local hospital and all my checks are complete now so I'm just waiting to hear back from the volunteering manager for when I start but I've been waiting for a while and i don't want to pester her In the summer I will also be volunteering at a support group for elderly adults.

    But for work experience, I have been put on the waiting list for a 3 day placement but I'm nervous I won't get a place in time. I have also written to my local council several times but not heard anything back so it's the work experience that's worrying me the most.

    How else could I go about getting work experience in the north Lanarkshire/Glasgow area?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Don't be afraid about pestering. Perhaps, rather than constantly ringing or emailing, turn up to the department and try to see somebody physically. People find a physical presence a lot harder to ignore and reject, also it makes you seem more enthusiastic and genuine about your involvement with the volunteering/work experience. Have you tried contacting any care homes? They are a solid alternative to a hospital setting.
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    As Marathi rightly said - definitely don't be afraid about pestering! Writing to the places that you have applied for work placements at is OK, but it's much easier to reject or ignore someone who's written to you. As mentioned above, it helps to show your commitment to securing some medical work experience and shows your dedication to study Medicine if you go in and speak in person. Calling them is also fine, but if you're worried just pop in!

    It definitely does help to go in to try to speak to someone face-to-face - and definitely do try to work at a care home. Lots of students do this, and it looks good on your personal statement. Have you also looked at volunteering at charity shops as well? Although it's not directly related to Medicine it could help to fill the time while you're looking to secure more medically related placements.

    We've got a free application guide with information on volunteering placements. You can find out what counts as volunteering, how long you should aim to do it for, how to go about getting work and how you can make the most of it.

    Have you also tried asking your school? Someone (e.g. a teacher or someone from the careers department) may have contacts in medical professions who might be able to help you out.

    Additionally, have you checked whether any of your friends have parents who are doctors? You may be able to pull some strings with them!

    We hope this helps and good luck!

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