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    At the end of last semester I was feeling particularly low and booked a counseling session. By the time the appointment came around I realised that talking about how I feel to other people makes me uncomfortable and so i cancelled the next session. I did however start to feel a little better around this point and thought maybe I didn't need the help they had offered/recommended.

    Now i can feel myself slipping and it is seriously affecting my studying again. I can't concentrate and I'm starting to worry that I'll fail drastically and be kicked out since I didn't do so well first semester and it seems to be heading the same way now. Reading up on my course/uni policy leads me to believe it's make the pass mark or bye-bye. I met some really great people through societies who helped me feel better about myself and I don't want to lose that.

    Can I go to my GP with this to get something to help me with starting CBT? I know that if I just go as I feel now I won't commit to it because I just can't talk about how I honestly feel to anyone, it makes me way to uneasy. Though they might just send me away if I don't tell them how crappy I feel, right?
    Also, while I have read up a bit on CBT, what sort of things do they have you do between sessions. That sounds like a personal hell and is really throwing me off trying it.

    Thank you

    You can ask to do CBT. It might help to do it in person but the benefit of CBT (I found) is that you don't need to spend loads of time talking about your feelings. It's mainly learning how to deal with negative thoughts and eventually trying to change your core beliefs about yourself.

    The homework in between sessions can be difficult to do (sometimes it feels like a lot) but that's alright. I regularly didn't finish all of it. Sometimes I did none of it. It's going to be tough to do that stuff if you feel like rubbish all the time. However, working at it slowly pays off I think.

    If they offer beating the blues (it's online) ask to do it in person. I really disliked that program as it felt remarkably impersonal even for a person who didn't want to spend ages talking about myself.

    Have I answered your question?

    They could ask you to do lots of different things, depending on your issues. A lot of my "homework" was to do with challenging myself to leave my house or writing down negative thoughts etc. I would say it is worth a try and CBT can be very effective for anxiety. Definitely seek support though if it is affecting your course - perhaps speak to someone at student support.
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