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    Hi! Sorry if this is one of those posts that pops up every now and again, but I could really use some advice about VAC scheme/ TC apps.

    So I'm currently applying for VAC schemes and TCs for the second time. I made about 15 apps, attended 3 ACS, but haven't heard anything from them yet - it hasn't even been a week.This isn't in regards about how capable I am as much as handling pressure from parents.

    My mother is being incredibly unsupportive about my career path. I think this is due to the fact that I am currently on a what could be a gap year as I did not want to go straight into the LPC without a TC. However, my mother acts like I've already been rejected from everywhere and keeps pestering me to become a teacher since she thinks it's 1) an easier occupation 2) more stable and less competitive and 3) more 'respectable' - she hates lawyers since she thinks all they want is money. But I really do not want to become a teacher since I'm not that fond of children and hated school when I was a child. I think if I became a teacher I'd just be really bitter and feel like a failure.

    It's really upsetting me because it makes me feel that maybe I'm not capable enough to secure a TC since my own mother doesn't believe I can do it. I want to become a lawyer, but my mother has pretty much said that if I don't secure a TC this year then she wants me to become a teacher as she doesn't want me around the house anymore. I've found it really difficult to get a job as a paralegal, so moving out anyway isn't really an option.

    I just feel under a lot of pressure. Does anyone else face criticism from their parents about their chosen profession? If so, how do you deal with it and how do you keep motivated?

    Sorry for the whiny post, I guess I just needed an outlet somehow. Thanks for reading!

    Really sorry to hear that this is happening with your mum! Not exactly what you want to hear when it's already quite a stressful time anyway. In any case, plenty of good firms recruit for TCs in advance without a VS, so there's still plenty of time this year.

    I can understand the pressure that comes with parents not understanding where you're going with things. Are you in reliable paid employment at the moment? In my own experience, my parents have been a lot more harsh with my sister than they have with me (I want to become a solicitor whereas my sister wants to become a counsellor). I think the reason for the difference is that I am financially independent and I can rely on my hours, whereas my sister does waitressing and retail whilst trying to do relevant volunteer work. If you haven't already, would agreeing a set amount for board appease your mum whilst you're hunting for a TC?

    As you mentioned, becoming a paralegal is very difficult, and from talking to my friends who do it then I wouldn't recommend if anyway because they all get treated like crap since the firm knows that they can easily replace you. Every lawyer I have spoken to has told me that they felt more impressed with trainees who had a bit of life experience behind them, so I wouldn't worry about timing. As you will know as a modern lawyer, you will need to be good at business development, marketing, corporate strategy, and just in general be a very personable person. There are plenty of office jobs that can develop those skills whilst looking for a TC, and it may keep your mum pleased!
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