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    what are they? they are in perfumes and in oils and fats too? whats the difference?!

    (Original post by mariam687)
    what are they? they are in perfumes and in oils and fats too? whats the difference?!
    They are organic compounds with the functional group COO. You get them from reacting an alcohol and a carboxylic acid and yes, they are present in those things.

    Esters is a chemical substance made from carboxylic acid and alcohol it has a functional group of COOH
    yes it can be found in perfumes and oils because they smell nice and in /oils and fats ?

    why are they found in fats and oils what properties do they have ?

    •Esters have pleasant smells – often sweet and fruity – so they are used as flavourings in sweets or as scents in perfumes
    •Thousands of individual ester molecules join together to form long-chain molecules – polyesters – which can be woven as fibres to make fabrics and as plastics to make bottles
    •Fats and oils are esters. They are made from alcohols and fatty acids – carboxylic acids that contain a long chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms.
    glycerol + stearic acid (gives) glyceryl tristearate + water
    (alcohol) (fatty acid) (big ester – fat)
    •When this fat is boiled with an alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, the fat is broken down into glycerol and sodium stearate, a typical soap:
    sodium hydroxide + glyceryl tristearate (gives) sodium stearate + glycerol
    •Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of long carbon chain carboxylic acids.

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