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Two virgins have sex. Condom present or not? watch


    (Original post by TorpidPhil)
    I once made a thread on TSR about how autistic the average TSRian seemed. It is evident once again by their inability to understand that such a comment that you were referring to me making was sarcastic. It seems deary that you are the one with an apparent lack of brain capacity and not I.

    For the record though I do think white women are on average the least attractive ethnicity. That's mostly coincidence though. And finding white women the least attractive =/= as fetishising every single other race of women. That's just a convenient little defence mechanism white women and men tend to use to ensure the continuation of their race being seen as the pinnacle of sexual attraction. It's normal to think white people are the sexiest. You're a racist perverted freak if you think any other ethnicity could possibly be sexier than a British Caucasian.
    Sarcasm or not your high derogatory use of 'autistic' supports my original comment.

    I don't care one way or other where you rate the attractiveness of white women - I'm not white and so my comment most certainly wasn't made from a defensive standpoint. I was simply commenting on the stupidity behind the comment you've now said was made only in jest. Whatever the motivation - I still would have called out you or anyone else who made a similar comment because, as I previously stated, it's 2016 and non-white people are not new. We have been here - literally - since the beginning and mixed race children aren't an accessory despite the way the likes of Kim Kardashian like to parade their children around as if they are

    It is easy to put on a condom - you just pinch the top and roll it down. If you don't know how then practice before you have sex. You don't need to buy them either, get a C-card and you can get them for free along with lube and advice if you need it.

    Personally, I will not be taking the pill or putting any hormones in my body. It really ****s with you and can have a lot of complications. Condoms are the only contraception really that won't affect your body really in any way. Tbh I read your other thread too and it sounds like you are really working yourself up about the whole sex thing. I understand that you are a virgin but you should really try to just relax and enjoy things.
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