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Sanders crushes Hillary in Kansas amidst record voter turn out and also wins others watch

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    The mainstream media won't really try to put across this headline, and rather, is going to try to be be really subtle and play it down and believe me, i have been analysing this for many other results, it sickens me but i can't consume myself too much with politics and quite shameless bias, as it's too much for one individual to shoulder.

    The results were 68% - 32% in Kansas.

    Sanders has also taken Nebraska, and i believe is likely to win another, as Hillary takes Lousianna, admittedly in a lanslide there as well. But the BBC are awefully hush about this. Go check out the main page, they're focussing on Cruz VS Trump, and are very very silent on the states bernie has won and his landslides because ofcourse, they must have known we would do well today. Yes, Hillary has taken a lot of delegates in Lousianna, but the reporting to me is either bias, or it's unfair.

    Notice how Hillary has cunningly tried to play to the 'black vote' and also does well among quite highly conservative southern states.

    Also notice that Hillaries 'delegate' counts include one of the most undemocratic thing ever - 'super delegates' which the media isn't really going to report to you what they are and what they did with Obama in 2008.

    "Super delegates": http://www.commondreams.org/views/20...sroots-turnout

    "The majority of superdelegates are actually DNC members. And the DNC superdelegates (432) outnumber senators (46), members of the House of Representatives (193), governors (20), and “distinguished members” (21) combined. In fact, all DNC members—that is, the unelected political apparatus of the Democratic party—are voting superdelegates.

    Lee Fang at The Intercept has identified a number of DNC superdelegates: one works for the Clinton campaign and is a former lobbyist for a private prison group and for TransCanada to build support for the Keystone XL pipeline; another works for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation; three DNC superdelegates, writes Fang, are officials at “a lobbying firm that is closely affiliated with the Clinton campaign and retained by the Clinton-supporting Super PACs Priorities USA Action and Correct the Record.

    Fang also reported that the same firm “was retained by the health insurance industry to undermine health reform efforts in 2009, including proposals to change Medicare Advantage,” and that the firm had “previously worked to influence policy on behalf of Enron, Countrywide, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, the U.S. Telecom Association and News Corporation.”

    Another DNC superdelegate is a lobbyist registered to work on behalf of “the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, a trade group for Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, and Bank of America.”

    This is a small number of DNC superdelegates (although Fang lists more). But it’s difficult to find out what the other 400-plus DNC superdelegates actually do—either inside or outside the DNC.

    Clinton’s huge advantage in superdelegates reflects a playing field tilted against Sanders by party officials who have a say in both the superdelegate vote and the conduct of primary elections, especially caucuses.

    One vote from an undemocratic 'super delegate' equals FAR more than one vote from an ordinary citizen. That's democracy for you. If the people vote one way, super delegates in the same state can vote another way, and undermine democracy. Not even the republicans have these super delegates.
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    This paranoia about super delegates is ridiculous. If Sanders takes the majority of the popular vote there won't be some sort of stich up. Simply because it'd cripple Hiliary in the general. This same conspiracy came up in 2008, except it was aimed against Obama, look how that turned out. Sanders is not going to win the popular vote though, so it's irrelevant.

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