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    Do you agree or disagree?
    Alcohol should be banned/ severely controlled, just like Class A drugs

    Get ready for a long response:

    Firstly the question is "Do you agree or disagree?
    Alcohol should be banned/ severely controlled, just like Class A drugs"

    To gain full marks in these types of questions, you must Always argue on both sides of the argument.
    I am arguing with Bible references included on a Christian view.

    I agree that Alcohol should be severely banned/controlled like Class A Drugs. Alcohol causes more deaths that Class A Drugs, because it is easily accessible. Alcohol is sold in shops, restaurants and many other places thus these gives people the freedom to purchase these Drinks and abuse them in an un-healthy way.
    Alcohol is not only bad for our bodies, but it is destroying and corrupting God's place. In 1 Corinthians, the Bible describes the body as the temple for the holy spirit, so if we fill our bodies with Alcohol and dangerous substances we are also polluting the reigning place of the holy spirit.
    Further more, In proverbs the bible describes the wine as a "wine is a mocker, intoxicating drink arouses brawling" which highlights to the reader the danger of Alcohol.

    I also Disagree that Alcohol should be serverely banned/controlled, due to the fact that if this recreational drink was banned, Gang crimes would increase because the Alcohol would be imported illegally thus increasing criminal activity. Alcohol has become a big social booster in society. Alcohol is used to allow people to have a great time at parties and to relax their mind, this is generally acceptable so long as the amount of Alcohol is not over-dosed.
    In the Bible, at the Last supper which Jesus had with he had with his disciples, he gave them "wine" to drink and he told them to "do these things in remembrance of me". This clearly points out that if Jesus drank and distributed the wine then we should likewise do the same and the bible clearly supports it as the Holy one (Jesus) even participated in the Wine (Alcohol). Jesus turned water into wine as well, and this exemplifies that he had no negative views on Drinking Alcohol.
    Finally, The bible Directly instructs us in Ecclesiastes to drink wine "“Drink your wine with a merry heart.".

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