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is my ex crazy? watch

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    Ok so basically when I was 16 I dated this guy and we hit it off. Everything was great the thing is that I had a lot of insecurities and would always have doubts about our relationship. We were on and off until I turned 18. I then went to uni when we weren't together because I didn't think we could do a LDR. The thing we have mutual friends and all of them came over to greet me etc. He came along as well. The thing is when we are together there is so much attraction like its unbelievable and we were playing truth or dare (dumb I know) I didn't suggest it. But then fast forward we made out and I told him that I would try and learn how to trust him because its hard for me personally because of my parents abusive relationship and my mom being cheated on

    Then we were great and my walls started to come down and I really believed we could make it. Then I drove down to his home town and basically I caught him cheating on me. I didn't scream or anything though in left and when he came over I ended it telling him that I didn't love him anymore because we have mutual friends I didn't want it to be awkward and I don't see the need in telling him that I knew. He left then.

    Anyways I was heartbroken etc etc and it took me 10 months to fully move on. He found out that I knew idk how and he made it awkward for us. So now I only talk to one person from that group but it doesn't matter because I have my own friends.

    Anyways now I am with this new guy who is AMAZING!!! like he makes me believe in love again, he loves the fact that I'm smart and doesn't see it as a threat and he loves my flaws. We went on a date at a cafe on a Wednesday and it was honestly like the song begin again by Taylor swift. But I took an 18 month gap between these two relationships to learn who I am to get some self esteem.

    We've been dating for a few months now and then I got a call from my ex and I was close with his grandma who was sick in another state so I drove down there and was with them for 5 days and then my boyfriends mum got ill and I said that I had to go and made sure that Sarah one of his and my friends was with him. I went to my boyfriend and was with him and now everyone is better.

    Its just that now my mutual friends think I'm a b**** because I didn't stay with him the whole time. He was upset as well even though I told him that we are never ever ever ever getting back together in a million years. He wants me to apologise but I don't see what I have to apologise about like he has a girlfriend who was there for only 2 days I was there for 5!!
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    i really respect the fact that you went and supported him even though he didn't really treat you well like that just shows that you're caring and you could be mature about things. i know that its probably hard with all the hate your getting from mates and that you just need to remember that even though he was in the wrong he went through a hard time you both have along history and your support probably meant a lot to him. you don't have to apologise just maybe try and be supportive and caring as a friend?

    You were not obligated to visit his grandma in the first place and you still did. He's just being petty.
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