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Help - Why are some pressure groups sucessful - Celebrity Endorsement/Organisation watch

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    I'm doing the 25 marker for Government and Politics AS: why are some pressure groups more successful than others
    I haven't got very good notes on these two topics
    -Celebrity endorsement ( and why this can help a pressure group )
    -Organisation ( and why this can help a pressure group )

    Help would be appreciated thanks

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    I'm stuck on this question too but the only answer i can come up with is Charlton Heston- president of the NRA. He was a movie star in planet of the apes so he like is pretty famous yano. I guess hes an example of celebrity endorsement?

    And i guess the more organised and less 'messy' a pressure group is the better?

    Speak about the different types of pressure groups, such as Insider and Outsider. Certain pressure groups such as the BMA or the Policing Federation and how they have close ties to government, allowing them to have direct contact with Government Ministers. Perhaps even mention how Trade Unions in times of Labour Government were incredibly powerful but died of once Thatcher took power.

    For organisation you can mention how if you have a lack of organisation then events won't run smoothly so you can't get your cause or movement out there and well known resulting in you not raising awareness

    Identity how public opinion has changed over time by identifying the response to minority’s such as gay people, as exemplified by the success of the stonewall pressure group which caters to representing the right of gay people and being advocates of their choices and having activism by those who may not be gay but support the cause, this was in response to the stonewall riots,

    You can also mention that public opinion leads to the failure of pressure groups such as the animal Liberation Front who used direct action that was disorderly and caused disruption, their tactics were unpopular with the populous thereby they were not supported nor associated with in comparison to peaceful pressure groups so they couldn’t rally sufficient support to obtain government influence

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