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Imago Webcams

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Original post by G&#949
Why is the entrance cam marked as March 2002...?

Good ol' Imago, always messing up something :rolleyes:
Students on campus at Loughborough University
Loughborough University
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Watch out for our Car Park 7 web cam

I can hardly contain my excitement :rolleyes:
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I thought they were supposed to have finished the new accommodation by now (based on info. I got before I started at Lufbra)

I think if everything had gone to plan it would have been finished but people objected to the planning application so it got delayed, had to be altered etc. The local people want loads of new halls built on campus, but then object when planning permission is applied for them. Although not strictly on campus, the same happened with Bill Mo a few years ago, although nobody minds if 10 storey blocks of student flats are built in the town centre....

i think its a wast of money why would you want to watch other people working past. LOL

This is what webcams should be used for :biggrin:
The front gate webcam could be used to watch for when the pizza guy gets here :p:
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No..... Use it to watch for when the 'rents get here! It'll give you enough time to hide yourself/your junk :wink:
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I don't know why but I feel like watching the main entrance one, waiting for either a car crash or the barrier to come down on someone's roof!
Back to the topic (works fine for me, just got to leave it for 10 seconds)

I like it, means i can check EHB before i go there! Was worried they might be more able to check us nicking anything and everything we can from there. But nope, they cant.
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I just get two grey squares with "Invalid bytecode" in the middle of them with opera. Rest of the page is fine....