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    Im in yr 11 and i have been going out with my boyfriend, who is 20 and in uni, for nearly 18 months. We've never met before, probably because of the expense of travelling as we live very far apart ( but still both in England) We also barely talk on the phone as I hate calls. I like him alot but idk if our relationship has any future/ is healthy...

    Personally I think you can do a lot better, someone who can put time and effort into a relationship. Anyway since your in year 11, going out with a 20 year old seems like such a big age gap considering your both focusing on seperate studies in different institutions. In my opinion I would focus on doing the best you can for your GCSEs there's plenty of time for a relationship

    It doesn't sound healthy. If you never meet especially then you don't know how you are with each other in real life rather than just on the phone etc.

    You're better off concentrating on your studies right now, and moving your mind away from that relationship. If money is an issue too then it's no good to be in a relationship that's long distance.

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    That seems very unhealthy. You have to ask yourself what's so wrong with a 20 year old that he can't get someone near his own age, and has to date 15 year olds doing their GCSEs, who he's never actually met.

    You've never met him; he's four or five years older than you; you don't talk on the phone. Remember that if you do anything sexual while you're underage (photographs, sexts etc) then he has broken the law and is grooming a child.

    Personally I think it's a bit dodgy. In eighteen months he hasn't been able to save up the money to visit his girlfriend? You both live in the same country, it may be expensive but it's only £100 to fly from one end of the country to the other (I know as I've done it). Sounds very weird.

    Focus on school for now, and meet somebody in person rather than be in a relationship with someone you've never met and don't speak to on the phone.
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    This doesn't sound very good, you got lots of time to have a relationship with someone who actually wants to be with you, the fact you both don't talk much suggests that it is a dead end.
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    I've seen this thread a few times now, it strikes me that you two have been seeing eachother for 18 months, therefore you were 15 and he was 19 when you began the relationship?! Bear in mind that you weren't even legal when this began. Anyway, for him to be 20 and not take responsibility and come and chat to you face to face seems strange to me, no matter how far the distance is like others have said it costs no more than £100 to travel up and down the country. If I were you I would rethink this relationship

    This is wrong on multiple levels. 1. the age difference is not okay and 2. how can you be in a relationship when you presumably only communicate via text/IM? it's not that hard to visit each other

    end it

    EDIT: also OP - DO NOT meet this guy unless it is in a public place and someone knows where you are going to be and have an agreement to check in with them
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