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    Was too weak domestically and too keen on projecting an image of co-operation and compromise with Republicans, despite the fact he was elected President on a mandate of change. He should have used his veto powers etc more extensively and reminded the Republicans who the public voted in as President.

    However, the Iran Deal, rapprochement with Cuba, bringing together an anti-IS coalition, being pragmatic in not attacking Assad, reducing the US' deficit from $1.5 trillion in 2009 to around $600 billion in 2016, bringing unemployment down from 10% in 2009 to 5.5% in 2015, enforcing strict financial sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea (whilst not escalating the situation militarily), not granting Israel carte blanche freedom to breach international law as they please, etc are all achievements of his time in office.

    (Original post by Aj12)
    I'll stick to foreign policy, since I know this area best. I think he did ok having been faced with a range of very difficult situations. He showed an intelligence in considering the likely impact of his actions, some of those around him said when talking ideas he'd always be three steps ahead.
    Uh huh... so when Obama withdrew American troops from Iraq, he foresaw the rise of Islamic State and thought that was just a reasonable price to pay? Funny how he didn't tell anyone that - did he expect they might disagree?

    When Obama mocked Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was still a rival of the US and threat to world peace in the 2012 election debates, did he secretly know that Russia was going to invade Ukraine less than 18 months later?

    My interpretation has been that Obama is an actor of moderate intelligence in the hands of advisors who aren't that good at or interested in pursuing an effective foreign policy. Your interpretation paints him more as a sociopathic superviilain.

    I think he's a failure. He achieved nothing. Weak foreign policy. Complete lack of leadership. Big waste of 8 years. I've no idea what happened to all that "Hope & Change" that was promised.


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