Online A-Levels vs Classroom vs Self Teaching

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I am interested in taking 3 a-levels, geography, environmental studies and either history/english/rs and I am interested in taking a geography degree at university. I have a Extended Diploma in Animal Management at D* Level --- but I contacted the uni's and they preferred 3 a-levels.
I already have been to university but left on account of disliking the job so much (we had work placement); however I enjoy the academic side.
Therefore I wanted to take 3 a-levels in one year (definitely one year) so I have some questions:

- Do you think that online a-levels, classroom learning or self teaching is best? (I've heard horror stories from online a-levels and I can't find places near me that offer one year a-levels + I have a tightish budget unfortunately)
- Has anyone ever taught themselves a-levels? Especially the a-levels I've mentioned? How did you find it?
- If you took online a-levels/self teaching did you have to book an exam hall?
- If I was to take online a-levels what are the best sites? I always see mixed reviews on UK Open College/Oxford Online College so I just wanted to see where people recommended.
- Also has anyone taken an access to higher education course in geography? And did you have any trouble getting into university.

Any answers would be appreciated.

Thank you.
TSR Jessica
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this.

Why not try posting in a specific subject forum- you might have more luck there.

Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses.


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