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Justifications for eating meat watch


    Bears are the best example of why we should eat meat.

    They all share a common ancestor but Polar Bears are the biggest and strongest because they evolved only eating meat(that's if you believe in evolution as I do).
    You can tell I watch a lot of useless sh*it on TV.


    Watch it! The best speech you will ever here-Gary Yourofsky
    Humans dont need to eat meat.

    That's because I was raised like that since I was a child

    (Original post by Danielleegolds)
    It's nice to hear about others opinions, I guess it really does depend on the context of the farm for what is available/most efficient. The antibiotics bit came as a reality check for me, as I've researched it previously however have probably been focusing on US production and consumption so should direct my concerns towards that area.

    I'm quite happy that this countries welfare standards are definitely high in comparison to other places and so resulting in a better quality of life for the livestock overall. Is there anything to show that a healthier/happier/calmer animal produces better meat though? ( I've never really known whether this is true or not)
    You should never focus on the US because their animal welfare standard are abysmal. You should look at what effect the UK most and that is our own industry, which has some of the highest if not the highest animal welfare standards in the world. There are a plethora of things allowed in the EU and US which are banned in the UK.

    I am not aware of any studies however happier, healthier and calmer animals are easier to handle and actually grow faster than those treated poorly. I must admit, I have not been involved very heavily in the last few years as my career have taken a different path. But I still retain my knowledge, I doubt there are many on this site who can actually provide any insight into actual farming practices other than what they read on some misguided website.

    because it tastes good?
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