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Help with travelling girlfriend watch

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    Hey, so my girlfriend of 4 years and a few months recently went off traveling round South East Asia on the 22nd of February for 4/5 months she doesn't have an arranged flight home yet but reckons it will be around the 20th June to the 10th of July. I'm just looking for a bit of advice on how to cope with the situation, its been two weeks and they've been the slowest two weeks of my life, we've gone three weeks without seeing each other before but that is only because of me being at University. I don't think I've ever felt worse I didn't eat for three days after she left and even though I've regained my appetite, joined the gym and try to see my friends as often as I can without annoying them, I still find myself not being able to focus in lectures, not being able to go to sleep and not wanting to eat sometimes. I always want to message her and talk to her but I know that's the wrong thing to do, pester her and send her long messages all the time but it's the only time I don't feel ridiculously isolated from her and everything else. I've put together a surprise trip for when we come back and I'm not overly worried about her cheating on me. I just worry that she might change so much than when she gets back I'm no longer what she wants or that she decides she just doesn't need me anymore. However I must say I don't resent her for going and fully support her for wanting to do something she's always said, I think I feel worse because I turned down the opportunity to go with her because of University and knowing I wouldn't be able to go back into academic life. Basically I just want to know how anyone else in my situation coped and if there relationship survived to carry on after they came back, I'm just worried that the way I feel at the moment if it gets any worse then I don't really want to know what that will feel like. Sorry for the long post but I didn't know where else to try and get some advice/comfort from. any advice is greatly appreciated

    Hi, I've been in this situation. My boyfriend went travelling around New Zealand for six months and didn't have a set flight home. We FaceTimed around every other day, and texted pretty much constantly (as much as time differences would allow).

    He didn't change as much as I thought he would and for me it just showed how much I care about him and don't want to lose him. He ended up coming home after two months because he missed me so much

    It was very difficult as I suffer from depression and anxiety and whilst he was away I was convinced that I was going to kill myself because I felt so **** all the time, but we got through it.

    Another thing to consider is that it's important to not lose the sexual or romantic aspects of your relationship while she's away. As well as talking about how you love and miss each other, sexts and doing things on Skype/ FaceTime keep the passion and the sexual satisfaction alive.

    PM me if you want to talk about it or need advice on how to cope. I've been in your situation so I completely understand.
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