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People who are depressed watch

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    I was going to post this in a thread, but as I went to post it, the thread got deleted. So if there's anyone here at uni or otherwise who feels down or lonely. Just read it.

    OP I felt the same way you did. I hated uni and I felt so lonely and depressed. Then I hit rock bottom one day and I was so depressed I couldn't walk without almost falling over. My legs were so weak I didn't have the will to even stay standing. But then I started talking to my personal tutor and explained why I hated uni, I explained everything I hated and she gave me advice. She told me how to get my work up to scratch and she put in some effort emailing my lecturers/tutors explaining my situation. Then I felt a lot better knowing at least my work was going in the right direction. I started going to all my lectures, I started getting into the routine. I haven't missed a lecture since. I made some friends and I've been semi successful with some girls in my lectures as well. You have to force yourself out of your comfort zone and realise that happiness doesn't come without hard work, it doesn't come without discipline. You have to be as positive as you can possibly be. You have to eliminate as much stress from your life as you can. I wake up in the morning, and I try my best to start my day off in a good mood even if I wake up feeling like ****. Whenever i get a negative thought, I try to block it out. It really is a battle to try and stay positive. You have to be smart because being happy isn't natural to some. I make an effort to see the positive side to things. I try to see the positive side in people. You have to read more, you have to read about how to be successful, how to win friends over. It is an art, you have to learn not to argue. You have to give people what they want. Tell them what they want to hear instead of saying sod them. Sometimes you have to give up a part of yourself so you can be happy.Good luck.

    I've been suicidal since year 7 and university was amazing-I'm graduating uni this summer. I have made a suicide attempt but I've taught myself to cope with depression as nothing more than a personality trait that everyone has. I kind of think constantly being told mental illness doesn't exist growing up helped me cope.

    Ultimately you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone otherwise you'll never cope

    (Original post by CantGainWeight)
    I was going to post this in a thread, but as I went to post it, the thread got deleted. So if there's anyone here at uni or otherwise who feels down or lonely. Just read it.
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    I'm in year 8. I feel as though i'm falling into a big black hole of darkness and i won't be able to claw myself out.
    I feel...empty
    I don't want depression
    Life sucks!

    I'm always depressed tbh

    Life is never simple for me
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