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Why is it so many white/english people dont dig style? watch

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    Its very apparent if you drive around most urban areas that ethnic minorities at all levels of wealth really make an effort to make their food, their clothes, their car look really mint. Loads of style colour and flair. But most of the English people their mindset is so grey and lumpen they dont have any spirituality, they see food as a function to fulfill before their 12 pints, they dont deify feminity and domestic skills like asians do they just **** out their half-dozen or so kids age 16 and turf them out of the door to the DSS office on their 18th birthday. How can these people be so dreary? I mean its not as if they channel their greyness in to their professional lives because as we all know the English are being outperformed by all the others in class (scarcely any uk nationals do STEM courses at uni now). Is it not a good thing that a lot of pubs are being knocked down, because they always seem to be a magnet for the degenerates of this world: the chavs, the football hooligans, the spiritually/morally bereft. Why for god sake it is still quite difficult in 2016 to get a coffee after 6pm and yet betting shops, fried chicken and **** pubs are open beyond bedtime? In Greece such a lifestyle would be considered barbaric.

    can't help but :lol:

    so much hate...

    I like grey 😊

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    Don't bring me and other Asians down with your vitriol

    I've never seen hair or a car look minty. Which Asian religion worships housework? It's impossible to have half a dozen kids at 16. There are a lot of UK nationals on my course and the categories with the most foreign students seem to be international studies and financial courses.

    Friend chicken? Now this is concerning. It's illegal to eat people at any time of day.
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