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    Hi all, I'm new here, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place!

    So here's the thing: I'm 29 and have finally chosen my career path. I messed up my school years completely, and got mainly D's on my GCSE's. I'm now looking to go to uni to study teaching (oh, the irony! But if I can inspire kids to not end up like me, it'll all be worth it!), but the degree I want to do requires English, Maths and Science GCSEs at A*-C, which I don't have.

    As a working single parent, I'm finding that almost £1000 to do 3 GCSE courses online isn't really feasible, and I can't find any not-online that are close-by, and so am wondering if going down the route of self-studying and taking the exams as a private candidate really is that much cheaper than doing the actual courses. Do any of you know?

    The thing is, I know that I don't really need that much tuition as such - I've retained a lot from school, and even learned more over the years, and if I'd have taken it more seriously and put in just a little extra effort, I'd have got at least B's in most of my exams. I'd really like to take the exams sometime at the end of the year, so that I can get my application to uni in to hopefully start in 2017.

    Have any of you gone down the self-study route? How did you find it? And how did you study? I'm assuming the readily available revision books, but what about other methods of study? And is it really as cost effective as I'm thinking (hoping!) it is?

    Many thanks in advance, and sorry for rambling on a bit!!
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