Party scenes in Lancaster uni.

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Hi guys. I've got offers from lancaster uni,cardiff and royal holloway. Based on my course and ranking, lancaster suits me the best. Please let me know about the nightlife and house parties in lancaster as well as in the other universities.

Thank you.
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Lancaster University
Cardiff University
Royal Holloway

These are the forums for each uni. You might have luck there lookin for info.
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Out of interest what are you looking to study?

I've studied at both Lancaster and Royal Holloway so can offer you my opinions on those.

Lancaster has a few clubs in the town centre, namely the Students' Union club. If you wanted to go out beyond the town centre your options are somewhat limited, going to Manchester (the next nearest city with a decent nightlife) is quite a hassle, you'd have to arrange accommodation there and worked out quite expensive for me.

RH has their SU club on campus which is handy as you don't require a bus to get there and back. Though there aren't any other clubs in the town centre there is plenty more choice in the surrounding areas e.g
- Windsor (10 mins away): Had 3/4 clubs and, an infinity of pubs/bars, is a £10 taxi away, or there are free weekly buses to one of the clubs that come back to campus at the end of the night
- Kingston (30 mins away): Similar to the above, slightly further away but probably a cheaper night, my friends and I would usually arrange a minibus to get us back and between campus which if planned ahead works our really cheap
- London (45 mins away): There are a few organised coach trips every term which cost around £15 these typically include entrance to a central London club, transport to and from the club and a free drink. Obviously these aren't a weekly exploit but much more viable than going to Manchester from Lancaster

The SU clubs are both universities are very very similar in terms of size, music, prices etc.

In terms of house parties: Both Lancaster and RH have policies when living on campus, I think it is no loud music after 11pm? This is usually enough by the time you want to leave and get to a club, you can test this a little bit once in a while but obviously you have to be considerate to others living around you.

House parties in Lancaster (depending on your group of friends) are a bit annoying as houses are slightly more spread out and there's always quite a split between those who live in campus and in town. For me house parties used to be more frequent at RH and logistically easier to organise as you can get from one house to another to the campus club in a 15 minute walk.

Overall I'd say both are quite similar in terms of nightlife, quite tight-knit, convenient and underated. Neither are crazy, wild nights out but coming from living in London I actually prefer being on a night out in a familiar surrounding and being able to identify 50% of the people out, actually makes for a good nightlife. At RH you have the option of the city if that's what you prefer.

Obviously I'm only speaking from my experience and this could be different for everyone!

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